• Durrie


    A very big, very scary orc woman of no small attraction (for an orc)
  • Lyeril Seaborne

    Lyeril Seaborne

    A charming bar-fly who's found herself in an unexpected situation.
  • Miv


  • Natasha


    Natasha has the body of a performer, slim and slender with the ability to move it all the right ways to enhance her tale telling. Her light hair matches her eyes closely, providing a strong compliment to one another while always being kept tidy, neat and
  • Siobhán Deneb Ní Maeva

    Siobhán Deneb Ní Maeva

    A deceptive and manipulative witch, masquerading as a sorceress of the sea...
  • Ysaru al'Agina

    Ysaru al'Agina

    A former slave housed in a brothel, Ysaru discovered her magic very recently and was bought by a sorceress who took her along on board a pirate ship.